What is DDoS Protected Hosting?

FantasticHost DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protected hosting offers you full DDoS protection for a wide-range of HTTP-based attacks. All traffic filtering utilizes our specialized tech on the back-end withour additional layer of custom protection and Intrusion Detection with the ability to provide protection in minutes! Your sites will be hiddenand safely guarded behind our protected solution to filter any malicious traffic before it reaches your sites. This will prevent your sites from being attacked directly while allowing only clean traffic to reach your websites.

Our DDoS Protection will guard you from all types of DDoS attacks, such as:
TCP SYN/ACK Flood UDP Packet Flood
Port Scan Flood HTTP Request Flood
ICMP Request Flood CC Request Flood
Why DDoS protection is expensive?
DDoS protection requires a large investment in a providers infrastructure. It consumes aton of bandwidth for the hosting company. Also the equipment to mitigate such attacks isvery expensive.
Is it 100% uptime while being attacked? No, the attack bandwidth depend on attacker. The server is still down if the attack overthe package limit. There is no company which can promise 100% up time under attack. Eventhe google.

Hosting Platform

checkmark 8 X Intel Xeon CPU

checkmark ECC DDR3 Server Memory

checkmark Enterprise Hardware

checkmark 10K RPM Hard Disk Drive & RAID

checkmark Datacenter SAS 70 Certified

checkmarkUptime SLA Guarantee !

checkmark CloudLinux+NGINX server

Hosting Features

checkmark No contract 7 Days Money Back

checkmark 24x7x365 Monitor and support

checkmark 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

checkmark Free Daily Offsite Backups